Methimazole (TAPDIN<sup>®</sup>)Methimazole (TAPDIN<sup>®</sup>)

Methimazole (TAPDIN®)

What is Tapdin used for?

Tapdin is used in the management of hyperthyroidism, including the treatment of Graves’ disease, preparation of hyperthyroid patients for thyroidectomy, as adjunct to radioiodine therapy and for treatment of thyroid storm.

How much and how often should Tapdin be taken?

Initial dose of Tapdin for adults is 15 – 60 mg/day, may be given in single or divided doses. For patients with normal levels of thyroid hormones and for maintenance dose, it is given at 5 – 15 mg/day. The recommended initial dose for children is 400 mcg/kg body weight daily and for maintenance, dose may be halved.

What are the possible side effects of Tapdin?

The most common side effects of Tapdin are nausea and vomiting, gastric discomfort, headache, arthralgia, skin rashes, pruritus, and hair loss. More serious side effects include aplastic anemia or isolated thrombocytopenia, neutropenia and agranulocytosis.

What is the available pack size of Tapdin?

Tapdin is methimazole 5 mg tablet available in blister pack of 10’s in a box of 100’s and methimazole 20 mg tablet available in blister pack of 10’s in a box of 100’s.

FDA Registration number:

5 mg: DRP-12823

20 mg: DRP-12826

5 mg Php 7.25
20 mg Php 27.50