Escitalopram Film-Coated Tablet (LEXDIN<sup>®</sup>)

Depression & Anxiety Disorders

Depression & Anxiety Disorders

Depression Disorder is also called major depressive disorder or clinical depression is a mood disorder that causes a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest.

Anxiety Disorders are mental disorders characterized by significant and uncontrollable feelings of anxiety and fear causing impairment of social, occupational, and personal functions.

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Products for Depression & Anxiety Disorders

  • Escitalopram Film-Coated Tablet (LEXDIN<sup>®</sup>)

    Escitalopram Film-Coated Tablet (LEXDIN®)

    10 mg
  • Fluoxetine Capsule (PRODIN<sup>®</sup>)

    Fluoxetine Capsule (PRODIN®)

    20 mg
  • Sertraline Tablet (ZOLODIN<sup>®</sup>)

    Sertraline Tablet (ZOLODIN®)

    50 mg