Vision Care

Vision Care

Clear Solution, ​Clear Vision​

MedChoice Vision Care is on a mission to provide patients with high-quality ophthalmic products by building a strong and lasting relationship with ophthalmologists. We are highly committed to making eye care solutions accessible to all and ensuring that every Filipino can adhere to the prescribed treatment by their eye doctors. Everyone is guaranteed to have a clear solution clear vision sa mga gamot na aming handog.


Eye Disorders are diseases that affect the eyes. Some eye conditions are minor and can easily be treated. However, some eye disorders can be more serious and can lead to blindness.

DISCLAIMER: The purchase and use of the pharmaceutical products featured in this website requires the proper prescription of a medical doctor. The purchase, possession, and dispensing of ethical drugs without a doctor’s prescription is illegal.

  • Latanoprost (LATADIN<sup>®</sup>)

    Latanoprost (LATADIN®)

    50 mcg/mL (0.005% w/v)
  • Moxifloxacin (MOXIDIN<sup>®</sup>)

    Moxifloxacin (MOXIDIN®)

    5 mg/mL (0.5% w/v)
  • Polymyxin – B Sulfate + Neomycin + Dexamethasone (MAXIDIN<sup>®</sup>)

    Polymyxin – B Sulfate + Neomycin + Dexamethasone (MAXIDIN®)

    1 mg/ 3.5 mg/ 6000 IU
  • Tobramycin (MYCINIDIN<sup>®</sup>)

    Tobramycin (MYCINIDIN®)

    3 mg/mL (0.3% w/v)
  • Sodium Hyaluronate (HYNADIN<sup>®</sup>)

    Sodium Hyaluronate (HYNADIN®)

    1 mg/mL (0.1% w/v)

Vision and Eye Health

At every age and life stage, eye health must be a priority. Ang sakit sa mata tulad ng glaucoma, though more common in the older age group, can actually affect people of all ages. A sneak thief of sight, ang glaucoma when left untreated ay maaaring maging sanhi ng pagkabulag. This serious life-changing disease at ang mga eye infections ay hindi dapat ipagwalang-bahala. We do understand that the high cost of eye medicines is a major concern for many Filipinos and the reason for the low adherence to prescribed treatment. As our way of bringing solutions, MedChoice Vision Care partnered with ophthalmologists and provides high-quality ophthalmic products that are affordable and always available to all. This is to fulfill our vision of clear solution, clear vision to more people in different age and life stages. ​