Sitagliptin (GLIPTADIN<sup>®</sup>)Sitagliptin (GLIPTADIN<sup>®</sup>)

Sitagliptin (GLIPTADIN®)

What is Gliptadin used for? 

Gliptadin is used for the treatment of type 2 diabetes mellitus and is indicated to improve glycemic control.

How much and how often should Gliptadin be used?

The recommended dose is 100 mg FCT once daily. When used in combination with metformin and/or a PPARγ agonist, the dose of metformin and/or the PPARγ agonist should be maintained, and the sitagliptin tablets administered concomitantly.

When used in combination with a sulfonylurea or insulin, a lower dose of the sulfonylurea or insulin may be considered to reduce the risk for hypoglycemia.

What are the possible side effects of Gliptadin?

Side effect of Gliptadin includes low blood sugar, but only usually when used in combination with other blood sugar lowering drugs. It should be well noted that there were occasional reports of somnolence, impairment of skills, dizziness, and visual disturbances with sitagliptin, therefore, caution should be exercised when driving or operating machinery. These effects may be enhanced by alcohol.

What does Gliptadin contain?

Gliptadin is sitagliptin 50 mg tablet available in blister pack of 10’s in a box of 30’s and sitagliptin 100 mg tablet available in blister pack of 10’s in a box of 30’s.

FDA Registration number:

50 mg: DRP-8901-02

100 mg: DRP-8900-02

50 mg Php 37.50
100 mg Php 38.50