Sep 25, 2023
Love Thy Mother ~Alaga Para sa mga Ina

Giving birth is giving life, not only in an abstract sense but it is the real deal. 

When we pause and think about it, we realize that it is not only a tremendous capability exclusive to women but at the same time, it takes more from a mother who goes through the whole cycle of pregnancy—and even beyond! As it marks the beginning of a whole new journey for a family, there are changes that will take this unit through highs and lows in all their days and all their nights, perhaps even sleepless nights. It is both pain and joy, as it is challenging and rewarding. 

We do witness motherhood start at conception and then it goes well beyond after birth. But what happens first after childbirth? 


Pagkatapos manganak, ano ang nangyayari at ano ang dapat malaman ng bawat ina?

Pay close attention, because the effort and care needed for pregnant women, may also be the similar amount of effort and care needed after a woman gives birth. The health and well-being of both mother and child are both important. To ensure an infant can thrive and grow into a strong baby, we must know how to support mothers recovering postpartum. 

The Day After

Most moms can agree, the worst physical pain to a woman is over. Giving birth is not easy. Moms experience a transformation where the body starts to give way. It is a series of painful contractions, immense pressure, bones and ligaments moving, intimate parts tearing. When it’s time, as the baby comes out, so does a lot of blood. Even more blood is lost when a major surgery is essential to get the baby safely delivered. This is true whether a mother births naturally or via c-section. What happens after is critical.

When the baby is already safe, after all the stitches that must be done to close wounds and help the mother heal, she must be monitored and nursed to full recovery.


The Weeks Following

Over the first few weeks, more blood will be discharged as the body naturally releases blood and tissue from the uterus. This will start heavy and bright and may include clumps of blood clot until the flow ebbs and the color becomes lighter before it finally stops.

In other cases, there may be a complication where the placenta may have trouble coming out and cause heavy bleeding. If this is not taken out immediately, it may eventually cause an infection. 

Hence it is crucial to know and understand the mother’s condition to identify the level of care needed. To ensure there is no risk or if it can be managed, strict supervision and regular check-ups are essential.

Generally, with all the blood loss, aside from weakness (panghihina), and pallor (pamumutla), it is highly possible for the mother to have iron deficiency or even IDA (iron deficiency anemia).  Because of this, an iron supplement such as Polymax that contains iron hydroxide polymaltose complex and folic acid may be prescribed. This formulation helps replenish the iron stored in the body.


The Importance of Iron 

Iron is one of the most important minerals in the body that keeps many of its important functions working to keep us healthy. When women lose iron due to childbirth and lactation, it leaves them vulnerable and in danger of other health conditions.

To prevent other complications and ensure the amount of iron needed is absorbed and maintained in the body, mothers are prescribed to take iron supplements. Fortunately, iron supplements like Polymax can be safely used by breastfeeding moms and it does not pose any adverse effects to nursing infants. Iron is lost in breast milk during lactation. Hence the need to continue with iron supplementation post-partum and while breastfeeding.

It is best practice to seek consultation with your doctor for advice regarding the indication for use and for the right dosage needed. Polymax can be taken at one capsule daily to prevent iron deficiency anemia and at a higher dose of one capsule twice daily for treatment of iron deficiency anemia. 

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