Mar 16, 2024
We Can All Be H.E.L.P.E.R.S!

MedChoice Pharma is committed to providing Galing at Kalinga to ease the burden of patients suffering from epilepsy. Aside from making our products accessible and at reasonable prices the public can afford, we are also committed to increasing awareness about this neurological disorder in the Filipino community. Layunin ng MedChoice na makatulong sa bawat Pilipino.

First and foremost. Do not be scared.

Huwag mangamba. Although epilepsy is a long-term condition, the uncontrolled bursts of electrical activity in the brain resulting in seizures can be managed with medicine. By learning how to manage these episodes, it allows the patient to have a normal life. Thankfully, along with the advances in science and discoveries through medical observations and therapy, we have come a long way. This seizure disorder can be worrying but it is not impossible to manage. May liwanag sa kabila ng epilepsy. Hindi ito hadlang upang magkaroon ng buhay na normal. Kakaiba man ang kondisyong ito, hindi ka nag-iisa.

What is important is to get regularly checked and consult an expert to also learn about the risks and augment the gap in treatment when there are times that access to appropriate care is difficult.

Seizures are different.

Because seizures are typically sudden and unprovoked, having epilepsy can be challenging.

It usually happens for 30 seconds up to two minutes at most but when it has occurred for more than 5 minutes, it can already be considered a medical emergency. 

Dahil may epekto ito sa diwa at pisikal na kondisyon ng taong inaatake ng epilepsy, ito ang ilan sa mga maaaring maganap tuwing may seizure:

  • impaired awareness (apektadong kamalayan)
  • blurred vision (paglabo ng paningin)
  • loss of muscle control (pagkawala ng control sa mga muscles)
  • body stiffening, or; (paninigas ng katawan)
  • jerking movements. (kusa at biglang paggalaw ng katawan)

Nonetheless, these are temporary changes due to the sudden electrical brain impulses. Extra care is important because it can make a patient vulnerable to certain risks. 

We want to avoid these accidents so patients live a full life. This inspired MedChoice to create an acronym that can promote a simple and straightforward way to manage seizure attacks. 

Madali itong matandaan kaya madaling matutunan.


Ating alamin kung ano ito at ibahagi sa inyong mga minamahal.  

  • Help the person lie down.
  • Ease the person to the floor.
  • Let the person rest quietly.
  • Place something soft under their head.
  • Eliminate anything sharp or hard nearby.
  • Roll the person to their side.
  • Stay with the person until they fully recover.

Watch the video below to learn more about how we can all be H.E.L.P.E.R.S.


We at MedChoice want to provide as much support as possible, enabling Better choice. Better lives. These steps may not seem much, but these will ensure the safety of the patient until professional medical help comes and/or medicine is administered. 

It truly starts with knowing better, so we can learn to manage and cope with it. 

Remember H.E.L.P.E.R.S. and help children during a seizure attack.

Be empowered because even with epilepsy, patients can gain control of their seizures and good control is the first step to reducing seizure-related risks.


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